Abortion (Act of disbelief)

ABOR'TION, the act of miscarrying or producing young before the natural time, or before the fetus is perfectly formed. In a figurative sense, any fruit or produce that does not come to maturity, or anything which fails in its progress, before it is matured or perfect, as a design or project. The fetus brought forth before it is perfectly formed.

I believe that abortion is rebelling against God, for abortion is the act of stopping the creation process that God is busy with, or acting pre-mature and thus not allowing God plan to manifest.

God created Heaven and earth when He called it into existence, but when God created man He formed Him with His hands, I believe it is because of the love that was involved in that special creation. Likewise when God called Moses to come up onto mount Sinai to receive the Law, God gave Moses the stone tablets written with the finger of God – again formed with God own hand I believe in love.
Exodus 31:18 And he gave to Moses, when he had finished speaking with him on Mount Sinai, the two tablets of the testimony, tablets of stone, written with the finger of God.

Before you can start with the foundation you first need to dig deep until you find the rock – meaning that we first need to find Christ as the rock upon which we will lay the foundation. We must be assured that the rock we found is a trustworthy rock upon which we can rely, without doubting. For the Word said that he who is double minded cannot please God. When we look at the exodus we saw a nation looking upon the wonders of God as He provided in a supernatural way for His people, but yet they started doubting and fall back upon their own feeble plans, building a golden calf to guide then to freedom, handmade. Likewise, we are quick to fall back upon our own plans, when we have prayed for a while without seeing anything; we start doubting and start planning for ourselves. But if we only knew what is taking place in the unseen, if the Israelites only knew that Moses was waiting upon God who is writing with His own hand, they would not have rebelled against God. The moment we stop trusting in God and His ability, is the moment that we rebel against God and His authority Exodus 32:1 “And the people saw that Moses delayed to come down from the mountain, and the people gathered themselves to Aaron. And they said to him, Up! Make us gods who shall go before us. For this Moses, the man who brought us up out of the land of Egypt, we do not know what has become of him.” God called on Moses to come and received the creating work that He is busy preparing, but while Moses was waiting upon God to bring forth His creation, the people started doubting, and the created work of God were aborted, when Moses destroyed the law that was written by God’s own hand.
 Likewise when we pray God start creating, but if we, because we cannot see what God is doing fall back on our own plans we abort the creation work that God is preparing.

Our Logo
  • The emblem represents the Cross embracing a person (the bride of Christ), for it is because of God's love for all of us that Jesus died on the Cross so that everyone who believes in Him will inherit the promise of eternal life (to know God and His Son Jesus Christ-John 17:3). The emblem is not distinguished easily, since it is a prophetic action (the lifting of the veil) for it is only in the recreated life and embracing arms of Jesus Christ that we can see and truly be set free.
Our Slogan 
  • Sharing His Love A Pattern To Live By
  • We have been blessed by receiving the love of God through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. Prayer is the way we share our love, drawing all people into fellowship with God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When Jesus prayed for the sick, the lost and those possessed, it was always preceded with His compassion for them. It is through this compassion and love that they receive their identity in Christ Jesus. This is not a calling it is a way of living, a biblical pattern to live by, as we trust in Christ Jesus.
Jesus Is Enough
  • Consider Luke 5:5-6
  • Simon answered him, “Master, we worked all night, and took nothing; but at your word I will let down the net.”
  • When they had done this, they caught a great multitude of fish, and their net was breaking".
  • Therefore
  •  Enter the true Shabbat rest and rest from your own works as you place your trust in Jesus and His ability to do the impossible. When Jesus looked at the harvest
  • that was  ready, He called on us to pray unto the Lord of the harvest.

About Us
  • The name "NewLife ...." proclaims our commiment in Jesus Christ to awaken the bride of Christ to the new recreated life in and through Him, our Saviour.
  • This "NewLife"  is reiterated in our Kingdom family the "New Life Alliance International".
  • We are also committed in making the Word of God come alive in an understandable and tangible way, through the power of the Holy Spirit, preparing a way for the King of Kings to be enthroned within the hearts of His bride.

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