Prayer is a declaration of faith, demonstrating our trust in God to do what only He can do. 

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New Life Family Fellowship

We are a united body in Christ, looking upon Jesus and His ability to do the impossible.

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The Bible is God's covenant promises

God's Word is perfect and it is only through God's Word that we are washed to perfection.

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Reviving the Church of ACT's

This passionate desire to be in relationship with the Lord resulted in ACTS of obedient love. 

Jesus said if you love Me, you will obey Me". 

But for obedient love to transpire out of a relationship we first need to come in AGREEMENT with God's perfect Word (Jesus Christ is the Word that became flesh), then we need to COMMIT ourselves to walk in obedience to the Word of God as we place our TRUST in the Word and the fulfilment thereof. 

Submission to God and His Word is the act of obedience.  

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The Olive Press


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Sharing His Love through the Olive Press


Carpentry, as any other gift, is an ability we received from God, for creativity is one of God's attributes. The ability to share is something we learned through the example of love around us.  We received God's love through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ, and now we can share His love through sharing what we received.

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Sustainable lifestyle farming.

(Father's Store House)

The Lord blessed us with a small farm where we venture into a sustainable lifestyle farming as we place our trust in God and His ability. 

We believe the Lord gave us the opportunity, and we willingly took hold of it, looking not at our own inability but at the Lord and His ability.

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Building on the foundation that was laid for us.

Wellness is based on a healthy relationship with our Father in Heaven trusting Him for the fulfilment of His promises for us in our relationship with people and  ourselves.

Always thanking and praising Him for our inheritance in Jesus Christ.

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